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Emmi Solutions

After having left your doctor's office, you may have additional questions that arise surrounding a procedure or chronic medical condition. Often, there is a lot of new information to process in order to be best prepared.

At American Health Network, we consider you a vital part of your heathcare team. American Health Network is partnering with IU Health to offer you unique, engaging, and educational programs. Emmi® programs take complex health topics and make them easy to understand for you and your family. The programs help educate you on what to expect with your procedure or chronic condition.

How Does it Work?

The programs are entirely web based, so you can view them at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home and you can share them with friends or loved ones anywhere in the world. You may view them as many times as you like. Each program takes about 20 minutes to watch. The programs are free of charge.

Available Programs

Emmi programs are available for select procedures and chronic conditions. Ask your doctor which program is right for you.

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