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High Cholesterol

Hyperlipidemia - more commonly known as high cholesterol - is a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Hyperlipidemia is normally silent. It is most often discovered when a patient comes in for testing on a related problem. That does not however, reduce its impact as a risk factor. And as a risk factor it is very manageable - often lifestyle changes such as increasing exercise, managing your weight and changing your diet can reduce your cholesterol levels. American Health Network strives to educate our patients and help them make these lifestyle changes. That's why AHN has established Hyperlipidemia Programs in many of its facilities.

Benefits of American Health Network's Hyperlipidemia Clinics:

  • Our educators meet with the patient to focus on both education and lifestyle changes. We've seen first hand the benefits of educating and supporting patients as they make long-term lifestyle changes that benefit their health.
  • At follow up appointments a patient's lipids are retested and monitored so that adjustments to treatment can be made. Our focus is on long term management.
  • Our team based approach makes sure one of our providers is always available to see you and to answer questions.
  • From the very first appointment, which typically lasts an hour, the patients get in depth information, including testing, treatment plans and exercise & diet guidelines.

To learn more about our Hyperlipidemia Clinics contact your doctor or search for a local doctor to schedule an appointment today.

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