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Results from Local Wellness Program is Selected to Be Presented at National Wellness Institute Conference

Results from Local Wellness Program is Selected to Be Presented at National Wellness Institute Conference

June 19, 2012 by Richard

Mary Delaney, Director of Employee Health for American Health Network, and Lisa Allen, Director of Benefits, Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, have been selected to speak at the National Wellness Institute’s annual conference, to be held July 16-19 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The pair will present on the successful partnership of Goodwill Industries and American Health Network in developing a comprehensive program to drive the employee population to a more effective use of the healthcare system while focusing on behavioral health improvement.

Tracy Minor, Wellness Manager for American Health Network’s Employee Health program explains, “The AHN coaching model combines the medical expertise of the nurse with a behavioral approach, which meets people where they are, rather than just telling them what to do. One Goodwill employee shared with her coach that she never cared about herself, so that’s why she didn’t care about controlling her diabetes and blood pressure. After working with the coach for several months, and addressing barriers and challenges in her life, she was able to focus on health improvement, for the first time in her life, because someone cared and took the time to help. Our coaching program is not just ‘healthcare’, it’s ‘peoplecare.’

Zaida Monell, Vice President of Employee and Organization Development for Goodwill, sees value in the partnership. She says, “When I hear stories about employees making lifestyle changes for the better – as a direct result of an ongoing dialogue with their coaches – it reinforces that this is an approach we need to continue. It’s good for our employees’ health, and it’s good for our business. We’re proud to be able to give our workforce more than just jobs; we’re giving them the resources to lead better lives.”

About American Health Network’s employee health program

American Health Network offers a collaborative program with employers, employees, community resources and insurance programs that works to defragment the true care of the individual. Our goal is to utilize all valuable resources to establish an effective program to manage the health and the health care expenses of employees and their families. Care is coordinated among all providers including cultivating a relationship between a primary care doctor and the individual to make sure their needs are met.

About Goodwill

Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc., is a social enterprise that offers opportunities, provides services, and leverages its resources with those of others to improve the education, skills, employability, and economic self-sufficiency of adults and the future employability of young people. Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana serves 29 counties within approximately a 70-mile radius around Indianapolis.


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