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6820 Parkdale Place
Suite 105
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Hours: Tuesday — Thursday: 8am-5pm
Appointment: 317.328.6730
Fax: 317.388.1162
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Chronic pain can interrupt your daily life and impacts not only your physical health but your mental and emotional well being.

But you don’t have to continue to suffer with that pain. A visit to our pain management specialist at American Health Network will provide a treatment plan designed to relieve, control and manage your pain.

Dr. Alexandru Nitu, a highly-trained neurologist and interventional pain management physician, specializes in diagnosing and treating chronic pain, especially in the area of the spine, back, head, neck and extremities. His list of services offers a variety of procedures and techniques to reduce or even stop the pain. By balancing the use of medication and interventional approaches, Dr. Nitu focuses on localizing the pain and the problem.

When the source of the pain is not easily identified, Dr. Nitu takes an innovative approach. Dr. Nitu uses injections to locate the nerve generating the pain, because if the nerve can be located, long-term pain relief can be provided by isolating and numbing that nerve.

Dr. Nitu instructs students at the IU Medical School and serves as the director for its neurology department’s pain management services. Dr. Nitu also holds a degree in chiropractic medicine, and he uses those additional skills to locate and treat pain.

Dr. Nitu pledges to truly listen to his patients’ concerns and firmly believes that listening allows for better outcomes and the ability to create individualized pain management programs.

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