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Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that affects more than 18 million people in the United States (source American Diabetes Association). Its symptoms may initially seem harmless - factors such as excessive thirst, unusual weight loss or increased fatigue. But there is no doubt that the disease affects many aspects of a person's life. Untreated diabetes can result in a variety of health problems. Early diagnosis and treatment can dramatically improve a patient's life and decrease the development of complications.

American Health Network sees patients of all ages with diabetes often combined with a variety of health issues. While no two cases are the same, American Health Network recognizes that getting diabetics into a management and education program will decrease their chances of suffering from diabetic complications. With this in mind, American Health Network established its Diabetes Management Programs.

Benefits of American Health Network's Diabetes Management Programs:

  • Our staff meets with the patient to focus on both education and lifestyle changes. We believe knowing more about a disease is important, but knowing how to change your lifestyle to improve your health is equally important and brings longer-lasting effects.
  • During the first appointment diabetics receive a machine to test their blood sugar at home along with detailed instruction in its use.
  • Our team based approach assures that patients have ready access to one of our providers.
  • From the very first appointment, which typically lasts an hour, patients with diabetes get in depth information, including testing, treatment plans and exercise & diet guidelines.

To learn more about our Diabetes Management Programs contact your doctor or search for a local doctor to schedule an appointment today.

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