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Diet and wellness are often the keys to eliminating risks associated with a variety of diseases. While overall weight loss is certainly an improvement to many patients' health, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipids, high cholesterol and other health issues can reap the benefits of a healthy nutrition program.

American Health Network recognizes that people with serious health problems and those at the beginning stages of a disease will live longer, healthier lives if they have guidance in the area of their daily nutrition needs. American Health Network's Nutrition Management Programs utilize medical nutrition therapy following the evidence-based guidelines established by the American Dietetic Association. These guidelines have proven to be the most effective at helping patients and American Health Network is proud to offer this service at many of its facilities.

Benefits of American Health Network's Nutrition Management Programs:

  • Our dietitians are certified and given the tools they need to help patients.
  • We follow the American Dietetic Association's proven guidelines to customize a plan for each patient's unique health situation.
  • From the very first appointment, which typically lasts an hour, our dietitians provide in depth information, including testing, calorie needs assessment, exercise & diet guidelines and access to support groups.
  • American Health Network dietitians conduct supermarket tours to highlight food and products that meet specific health needs, teach people how to read food labels and offer some free taste testing. These supermarket tours are a fun and educational way to begin instituting a nutrition plan into a patient's everyday life.

To learn more about our Nutrition Management Programs contact your doctor or search for a local doctor to schedule an appointment today.

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