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Our research department's mission is to provide exceptional clinical research today to help improve the lives of people tomorrow. In our studies we:

  • Run our trials with objectivity
  • Follow all laws
  • Have high ethical standards
  • Regard the rights and welfare of the participants
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Frequently asked questions about clinical trials

You may have heard about clinical trials, but wonder what they are and if one might be right for you.

  • Our research department funds studies through a variety of sources including:

    • Drug companies
    • Medical device companies
    • Federal health agencies
    • Research grants
    • Private foundations


  • Clinical trials, also called clinical research, are studies designed to find answers to specific health questions. Clinical trials look at:

    • New drugs or new combinations of drugs
    • New surgical procedures or devices
    • New ways to use existing treatments

  • The potential benefits of being in a clinical trial include:

    • You might get free medication, medical care and lab work.
    • You might get treatment that could be more effective than the standard approach.
    • You will be adding to what is known about your condition, possibly leading to improved options in the future.

  • Many people volunteer because it's a chance to help researchers find new ways to fight disease. But, there is no guarantee that the treatment will be effective for you.

    If you're considering a clinical trial because you have been diagnosed with a disease, it's important to take time to learn about your condition and your treatment options. Talk it over with your doctor first.

  • Call 1-317-718-5482 or toll free 1-877-340-7291 to learn more or fill out this form to contact American Health Network (AHN) about your interest in clinical trials.

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Current clinical studies


To learn more or volunteer for a study, see the cards below.