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American Health Network is highly qualified to actively and properly manage your population by effectively coordinating care within a large health care team for those with disease management needs and to direct personal health to help individuals remain healthy. Throughout the company, we have superior health management programs that include the use of respiratory therapists, dieticians, health educators, health coaches, and physical therapists.

Our company has implemented proven protocols of care for disease management that have been effective at directing care and controlling disease and cost. One of the critical factors to our success is that we are independent of any hospital organization and therefore are able to refer based on quality and efficiency. We use a complement of all of the hospital systems available throughout Indiana based on diagnosis needs with our focus on controlled in-patient services and cost.

We are experts in disease prevention and chronic disease management. In Indiana, we have 58 of the119 providers recognized by NCQA for diabetes care and 26 of the 34 providers recognized in cardiac care. In fact, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) analyzed the per capita medical cost incurred by our Medicare patients, comparing it to other similar physicians groups. Recently, Medicare reported that patients under the care of AHN physicians cost an average of $1,733 less per year to the Medicare system than their average patient. We attribute much of our success to many of the Health Management systems AHN has developed.

Quotes from outside sources:

“I am very happy to be working with American Health Network to improve health outcomes for our employees and their families. AHN’s willingness to continually improve, be transparent on quality and to align rewards for better outcomes is quite refreshing. Our partnership is innovative and transformative. The journey we have undertaken together will improve both personal health and the effectiveness of health care.”

Keith Reissaus
Vice President – Community & Workplace Initiatives
Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc.

“Assuring that patients go to knowledgeable physicians who demonstrate excellent diagnostic and management skills ultimately will have the greatest impact on both cost and quality. Therefore, working with an organization like AHN, that carefully evaluates their physician capabilities and performance, provides a welcome opportunity to move positively toward the cost and outcome results so important to patients and their employers.”

E. H. Lamkin, Jr., MD, FACP
Indiana Employers Quality Health Alliance

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