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DIABETES - Be a Part of the Future in Diabetes Research

Achieve Control Study

Has your doctor recommended that you begin taking insulin to control your diabetes?

If so, you may want to consider participating in Achieve Control……

Achieve Control is a real-world study sponsored by Sanofi and will include patients who are starting insulin for the first time. The study will evaluate how well patient reach their HbA1C targets using one of the marketed basal insulin without experiencing symptoms of low blood sugar such as dizziness etc.

You may be eligible if ……

  • You have Type 2 diabetes
  • You have used 2 or more anti-diabetes medications for at least 1 year
  • You have never used insulin ( except for temporary use during hospitalization or pregnancy)

Your participation in this study is voluntary and will last up to 12 months if you complete the study. The cost for the insulin and supplies will be provided by the study sponsor.

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