Peroneal tendonitis



Each foot has two peroneal tendons, which help support the arch of the foot. They also help the foot move in an outward direction. If these tendons get swollen and inflamed, it can cause pain on the outside of the foot. This is called peroneal tendonitis.


Causes of peroneal tendonitis include:

  • Tight calf muscles
  • Twisting the foot or ankle 
  • Abnormal foot function


A podiatrist will examine the foot and look for swelling, warmth and weakness on the outer side of the ankle. He or she will also check for signs of an ankle sprain. X-rays or other imaging test may be needed.


Treatment depends on the injury. In mild cases, rest and medication can help. In more serious cases, wearing a brace or cast may be necessary. Long-term treatment includes stretching the calf muscles regularly and wearing prescription shoe inserts (orthotics).

If the peroneal tendon has slipped out of place, surgery may be necessary.


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