The benefits of being social

Become more social for your health.


As you age, you may find yourself spending more and more time at home alone. This isolation could impact your health negatively. If you find yourself spending a lot of time alone, try adding a volunteer or social activity to your routine. There are many things you can do to help yourself age well, like exercising and eating healthy. But did you know that participating in activities you enjoy may also help support healthy aging?


Make social connections for your health

Engaging in social activities you enjoy may help to maintain your well-being. Research shows that older people with an active lifestyle:

  • Have a longer lifespan
  • Are less likely to develop certain diseases
  • Are happier and less depressed
  • Are better prepared to cope with loss 

Get out and about

There are plenty of ways to become more socially active. Here are some ideas. Choose options that interest you:

  • Learn something new or join a club
  • Visit a senior center and take part in its events and activities
  • Play cards or other games with friends
  • Go to the theater, a movie or a sporting even
  • Visit friends and family
  • Try different restaurants
  • Travel
  • Join a group interested in a hobby you enjoy
  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Visit local museums
  • Try a new exercise class 

Find the right balance 

Everyone has different limits to the amount of time they can spend on social or other activities. Be careful not to take on too much at once. Keep in mind that participating in activities you enjoy should be fun, not stressful.


The information provided is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for professional health care. You should consult an appropriate health care professional for your specific needs.